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Reference Number: SA-01041

Product: 1998 BMW 525i, AW/Non Smoker/Low Mileage!

"FOB: USD 5,999!!"

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front front2 front3 front4 front5 frontseats cockpit
frontseats2 frontseats3 frontseats4 frontseats5 interior rearseats rearseats2
rearseats3 ceiling trunk rear rear2 engine


  • Condition: Second Hand Car
  • Model Code: GF-DM25
  • VIN: -
  • BodyStyle: Sedan
  • Year/Month: 1998/ -
  • Exterior Color: Blue Metallic
  • Displacement: 2,500cc
  • Steering: Right
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Fuel: Gasoline/Petrol
  • Odometer: 86,000km
  • Option: CD,Radio,ABS,Air Bag,PS,PW,Key Less,AW,
  • Comments: Good Condition! Clean Interior&Exterior!, Low Mileage!/Non Smoker,


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